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PPM&E Resource Portal - Objectives hierarchy

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Objectives hierarchy

An objectives hierarchy is a hierarchic list starting with the overall goal of a project and moving down in levels to (component) purposes or outcomes, outputs and specific activities.

The objectives hierarchy can be constructed using an objective tree. The objectives at the top of the tree should help frame goal and purpose statements, while further down the tree component objective and output statements can be identified.

The objectives hierarchy can be used in the first column of the Logframe matrix. However, it should not be expected that the objective tree can be transposed directly, without further adjustment, into the hierarchy of the project description in the matrix. Further adjustment and refinement of statements is usually required and checking of the means-ends logic should be ongoing as the matrix is developed.

The objectives hierarchy is an element in the Logical Framework Approach.

Source: AusGUIDElines on LFA, 2000