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Wageningen UR Centre for Development Innovation has a wide range of experience and expertise in facilitating tailor-made support to organisations.

We not only facilitate a 3-week course on Managing and Learning for Impact and on Multi-Stakeholder Processes, we also provide advisory and training services all over the world, such as:

  • Shorter training (3-5 days) on Managing and Learning for Impact (PM&E) essentials for policy makers and managers.
  • Orientation and training worskhops on e.g. strategic planning, participatory M&E, scenario-based planning, strategic communication for impact. 
  • Advisory trajectories on improving M&E processes through the introduction of new appropriate instruments and (information) systems.
  • M&E system development support.
  • Performance management system development support (organisation wide).
  • Evaluations and impact assessments anywhere in the world. 

Subject areas in which we apply this include agriculture and agricultural research & development (including producer organisations), value chain management, sustainable livelihoods and food & nutrition security, disaster management,  natural resource management, rural development planning, and more.

Our clients include international organisations such as FAO and IFAD, the EU, national governmental agencies, as well as a range of international NGOs.

We work with a team of 25 experts who have a combined experience on all continents and in a wide variety of expertise areas. If you would like to know more about our services and/or our specific experience and expertise, feel free to contact cecile.kusters@wur.nl or seerp.wigboldus@wur.nl or visit http://www.cdic.wur.nl/UK/Services/ for more information.

Looking forward to hearing from you!