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PPM&E Resource Portal - M&E Matrix and Plan

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M&E Matrix and Plan

The M&E Matrix is a table describing the performance questions, information gathering requirements (including indicators), reflection and review events with stakeholders, resources and activities required to implement a functional M&E system. This matrix lists how data will be collected, when, by whom and where.

The M&E plan is an overall framework describing the the implementation of the M&E matrix. It entails e.g.

  • Purpose and scope
  • Approach
  • Revised logical framework, plus performance questions, indicators, information needs and sources.
  • Management information system and reporting.
  • The M&E work plan (processes and events) and timing of activities
  • Systems, procedures and tools for Implementation (organisation) 
  • Actions, timing and responsibilities for implementation (time and responsibility charts)
  • Establishing conditions and capacities.
  • The M&E budget.
  • Appendices