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In March 2013 we launched a new webportal on Managing for Impact - Participatory Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation.
From now on, new resources will be uploaded from there.

GO TO: www.managingforimpact.org

This website is developed by Wageningen UR Centre for Development Innovation. Our objectives of PPM&E - Managing and Learning for Impact are to:

  • help build the capacity of individuals and organisations to effectively implement PPM&E systems (courses, advisory services, evaluation).
  • contribute to innovation in the field of PPM&E / managing and learning for impact.
  • provide practical web based resource materials, experience sharing and learning with this PPM&E resource portal. 

The first part of this website ("theories and backgrounds", and "methodologies and approaches") is in the process of being updated.

The second part of this website provides a wide range of links to documents and websites which have been sorted in relation to a large number of subject areas. Though there is a lot, it is obviously not complete. We appreciate recommendations of resources that have not been included yet. Please use the comment boxes for this purpose.

We hope this website will be instrumental in providing introductions to key areas of participatory planning, monitoring and evaluation, as well as providing a quick selection of key resources in relation to specific areas of M&E work.

Enjoy the exploration!