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Navigating Complexity - Presentations

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Presentations - Innovation Dialogue on Navigating Complexity - 26-27 May 2008

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Day 1 – Delving into ‘new ideas that make a difference’
Aim: To identify and understand innovative concepts (or ‘ideas’) and identify why they might be relevant for the development sector.


Welcome and Scene Setting
Jim Woodhill (Wageningen International)
Irene Guijt (Learning by Design)
Complexity Concepts
Ben Ramalingam (ALNAP, UK)
The Cynefin Framework and Implications for Learning
Jim Woodhill (Wageningen International)
Systems Thinking and Complexity Science
Bob Williams (independent, New Zealand)
Theories of Change and their Value in Dealing with Complexity
Rosalind Eyben (IDS, UK)
Exploring the potential of new ideas (in groups using ‘ritual dissent’ process)
Group facilitators
Sharing of group outputs – a critical guided tour (notes)
Irene Guijt (facilitator)
Identifying themes as emergent concerns (notes)
Irene Guijt (facilitator)


Day 2 – Translating ideas into practice

Aim: To share several emerging approaches that might help ‘navigate complexity’ and apply the emerging insights to key themes currently critical in the development debate.
Scene Setting
Robert Chambers (IDS, UK)
WWC  (workshop world cafe) Round 1
Options for Narratives
Lorraine Alison Mancey, Trinity College, Ireland
Actor Constellation Mapping
Heinz Greijn/Eric Korsten, SNV
Institutional Innovation as Evolution
Jim Woodhill, Wageningen International
Governance Outcome Framework
Frank van Schoubroeck, ILEIA
Navigating complexity in practice
Seerp Wigboldus,Wageningen International
WWC Round 2
See above.
Thematic exploration
Group facilitators
Collective Harvest: messages to key audiences
Irene Guijt (facilitator)