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Multi Stakeholder Processes - Objectives Tree

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An objectives tree is a hierachic flowchart of objectives. Within the Logical Framework Approach, this is the positive opposite of the problem tree.


  1. Taking the problem tree as your base, invert all the problems in order to make them into objectives. This process then leads into an "objectives tree" with the central objective simply being the inverse of the central problem.
    Ask participants then to look at these objectives and discuss which of these can be tackled by the project.
    The problem and objectives trees are a first step towards producing a logical framework matrix
    Tips / Comments
  2. The problem and objectives tree provide a comprehensive though simplified view of cause and effect relationships. In this way, the process of creating a logical framework can become more accessible to primary (and other) stakeholders, making it easier to involve them in revising the project design or developing their own activities.
  3. Linkages are represented with lines or arrows. If arrows are to be used, make sure that everyone is clear about what arrows mean as they are not a universally understood symbol.

The IFAD Guide on project M&E shows the following 'mirrored' problem and objectives tree:

'mirrored' problems and objectives trees