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Multi Stakeholder Processes - Multi-stakeholder processes

MSP Resource Portal - Building your Capacity to Facilitate Multi-Stakeholder Processes and Social Learning
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Multi-stakeholder processes

Complex problems require innovative solutions.  Innovative solutions are created when diverse stakeholders are able to meet, share experiences, learn together and contribute to decisions. Ultimate success lies in developing the collective commitment and capacity to turn ideas and plans into action. This can be achieved through facilitating multi-stakeholder processes (MSPs) and social learning.

Multi-stakeholder processes and social learning are about setting up and facilitating long term processes that bring different groups into constructive engagement, dialogue and decision making.

Sustainable development requires questioning and changing deeply embedded social institutions related to how we govern ourselves nationally and globally, the way markets work, the attitudes we hold and the way we use and integrate scientific understanding into political decision making. Bringing about such change and innovation is not something governments can do on their own. We have also learned that leaving social change purely to the forces of the market is no recipe for sustainability. This leaves little option other than to work out how business, civil society groups, and government can work in partnerships to guide society towards a more sustainable future.

"Paradigms are worldviews in action" - Thomas Kuhn

The idea of facilitating multi-stakeholder processes and social learning has evolved from different concepts and paradigms.