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Multi Stakeholder Processes - Introduction

MSP Resource Portal - Building your Capacity to Facilitate Multi-Stakeholder Processes and Social Learning
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New knowledge co-creation portal on Multi Stakeholder Processes online!

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MSP Resource Portal

On this portal you can find practical information on how to facilitate participatory learning processes with various stakeholders. It provides theoretical foundations, methods and tools to create learning processes, facilitation tips, examples, literature and links. We hope that in this way you can build your capacity for more sustainable development!

Internationally there is a growing need for people who can facilitate dialogue, joint learning and collaborative action.

Practitioners and policy makers who wish to use or learn from designing or facilitating multi-stakeholder and social learning processes currently are confronted with four constraints:

  1. The lack of a coherent yet practical conceptual framework that enables potential facilitators to make sense of the diverse terminology and differing conceptual dimensions.
  2. Limited practical examples and lessons from experience presented in a way that is sufficiently analytical to be useful in other contexts.
  3. The lack of facilitation skills, experience and confidence to design and implement appropriate and context specific processes.
  4. The lack of comprehensive and integrated resource materials appropriate to the facilitation of multi-stakeholder and social learning processes.